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Chip name serial # Common name Remarks
Voodoo 500-0003-03 [FBI] Voodoo 55MHz core
Voodoo 500-0004-02 [TMU] Voodoo 55Mhz core
Voodoo Rush 500-0005-04 [FJR] Voodoo Rush Voodoo 3D + additional 2D VGA
Voodoo with Macronix   Voodoo with Macronix  
Voodoo II 500-0009-01 [FBI] Voodoo II Pixel processor, 90-95/??/135MHz core/RAM/RAMDAC, 3x64bit, max. 12MB RAM
Voodoo II 500-0010-01 [TMU] Voodoo II Texture processor
Voodoo Banshee 500-0013-03 Voodoo Banshee Voodoo II + 2D, 16MB max., 128bit, MPEG, 100/125/250MHz core/RAM/RAMDAC
Voodoo Banshee (Velocity 100)   Voodoo Banshee (Velocity 100)  
Voodoo 500 500-0017-05 Voodoo 500  
Velocity 100   Velocity 100 Voodoo 500 with 8MB SGRAM, 300MHz RAMDAC (in fact a VoodooIII)
Velocity 200   Velocity 200 Voodoo 500 with 16MB SDRAM, 300MHz RAMDAC (in fact a VoodooIII 2000)
Voodoo III 3000 355-0017-010 Voodoo III 3000 166/166/350MHz core/RAM/RAMDAC
Voodoo III 2000 355-0021-001 Voodoo III 2000 143/143/300MHz core/RAM/RAMDAC
Voodoo III 3500 355-0024-030 Voodoo III 3500 183/183/350MHz core/RAM/RAMDAC
Voodoo III 4000   Voodoo III 4000  
VSA-101 355-0025-221 [Avenger] VSA-101 'Daytona', 0.18µm, 200MHz core, 8-64MB, AGPx4, 2 rendering pipelines
VSA-100 355-0026-200 VSA-100 'Napalm', VSA - voodoo scalable architecture, 0.25µm
Voodoo IV 4500   Voodoo IV 4500 1xVSA-100, 32MB RAM
Voodoo V 5000   Voodoo V 5000 1xVSA-100, 32MB RAM, T-Buffer
Voodoo V 5500   Voodoo V 5500 2xVSA-100, 166MHz, 64MB RAM, T-Buffer, 4 texture units, 4 pipelines, 4xFSAA
Voodoo V 6000   Voodoo V 6000 4xVSA-100, 128MB RAM, T-Buffer, 8xFSAA, only manufactured by Quantum3D
VSA-200   VSA-200 'Rampage'
Rampage rev.A   Rampage rev.A AGPx4, DirectX 8.0, 32MB 128bit, 0.25µm, 200/2x200MHz core/RAM, FSAA, 4 pixel pipelines
Rampage rev.B   Rampage rev.B AGPx4, DirectX 8.0, 32MB 128 bit, 0.18µm, 225/2x200MHz core/RAM, FSAA, 4 pixel pipelines
Rampage SLI   Rampage SLI multi-chip version 2/4/8 way, 32-521MB
Fusion   Fusion successor to Rampage, integrates GigaPixel´s GP-4 technology & rasterizer
Sage   Sage T&L-unit for Rampage includes 'Legend' Scalable Architecture Geometry Engine
Sage II   Sage II  
Mojo   Mojo combined rasterizer and geometrical processor, tiled architecture